The struggle to stay cool and enjoy outdoor activities in extreme heat can feel overwhelming.

There is so little information out there on what’s best for your climate, your activities, your space, and your budget. How can you wade through it and make smart choices?

At AllOutCool.com, I understand your frustration because I’ve been there too. In 2000, I moved to a hot climate and couldn’t find any trustworthy, understandable information on the best outdoor cooling solutions for me.

Since then, I’ve searched the internet, studied various methods, and compiled extensive information on keeping cool outdoors. I’m not an expert in all the cooling methods, but I’ve learned a lot. I keep learning.

I want to simplify the hunt for great outdoor cooling and help you avoid the frustration I’ve been through. My goal is to offer helpful information and reliable products to help you enjoy a full life outdoors.

The AllOutCool.com Solution

Ready to reclaim your active outdoor life?

Start by browsing my guides and tips.
Make informed decisions with confidence using my curated product recommendations.

I’ll add links to websites, products, and services that I’ve researched and believe will benefit you. Some are affiliate links, meaning I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Some are not – just helpful info, products, and services.

Don’t let the heat keep you indoors and limit your outdoor activities. Find the right solutions to stop dreading the summer months and missing out on great experiences.

You can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about the heat. With the right cooling solutions, you can stay comfortable, make the most of your outdoor time, and feel confident in your decisions.

I hope AllOutCool.com will become your trusted resource for solid information, informed opinions, and reliable suppliers. Find everything you need to stay cool and enjoy the great outdoors. Be cool with AllOutCool.com.


If this is your first time here, good places to start are the home page and comparison page.
Get familiar with each cooling method in the overview pages:

Below is a list of organizations and companies that have been especially informative about various aspects of outdoor cooling:
• NEMA, The National Electrical Manufacturers Association: nema.org on international electrical standards
• United State Consumer Products Safety Commission: cpsc.gov on product safety testing and rating
SketchUp: Modeling software for understanding shifting light and shadows.
• All About Circuits: allaboutcircuits.com for help with the baffling world of electrical circuits.
• How Stuff Works: howstuffworks.com for explaining some of this stuff in non-technical English.