AllOutCool.com is all about
keeping cool outdoors.

It was born from my frustration with hunting for outdoor cooling solutions after moving to a hot climate. I began dreading the heat and avoiding outdoor activities because of it.

Since 2008 I’ve searched the internet to learn what my options were for keeping cool outdoors.

Most sites were clearly interested only in selling their products. Many had very little information. Some sites offered information that contradicted other sites. Still, others had a lot of information written in such a technical way that I couldn’t understand it. No solutions I could feel confident in purchasing.

But along the way I have studied and pulled together a lot of information on almost everything related to keeping cool outdoors. This site draws on what I’ve learned and am continuing to learn, and knowledge from experts in the field of outdoor cooling.

My goal is to make this a site where you can learn about ALL outdoor cooling options in one place and be able to compare them — to use that information to make wise use and purchase decisions that you will feel confident about and happy with.

From time to time I’ll add links to websites, products, and services that I’ve researched and believe will be a benefit to you. Some are affiliate links from which I may receive a commission at no cost to you. I receive no compensation from others. My goal is simply to offer you helpful information and products.

Sometimes the best solutions are not a matter of technical details but of opinion and preference. Keeping this in mind can help avoid conflicts when it comes to making decisions. ; )

I hope AllOutCool.com will be a place you can trust for solid information, informed opinions, and reliable suppliers and products. I hope you will find everything you need to find the best outdoor cooling solutions to help you BE COOL.


If this is your first time here, good places to start are the home page and comparison page.

Below is a list of organizations and companies that have been especially informative about various aspects of outdoor cooling:
• NEMA, The National Electrical Manufacturers Association: nema.org on international electrical standards
• United State Consumer Products Safety Commission: cpsc.gov on product safety testing and rating
SketchUp: Modeling software for understanding shifting light and shadows.
• All About Circuits: allaboutcircuits.com for help with the baffling world of electrical circuits.
• How Stuff Works: howstuffworks.com for explaining some of this stuff in non-technical English.