• no running water
• no electricity
• low-med humidity

Here are some of the challenges and opportunities of your special outdoor cooling profile. I’ve also suggested some well-reviewed products to make you more comfortable in your unique outdoor setting.

You can learn more about the major cooling methods by visiting our cooling solutions pages.

colorful outdoor umbrellas

Your Go-To Method: Shade

This universal cooling solution for daytime heat is the go-to method for this profile and is available in limitless options. It needs no water or electricity and can be combined with other cooling methods for maximum comfort.

Learn more about shade.

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Make an outdoor area even more comfortable

Combining cooling solutions can be especially effective at making your outdoor area cooler and more comfortable than by using only one method.

Shade, by itself can make you feel 10-15º cooler or more than if you’re out in direct sunlight. Adding effective evaporative cooling can reduce air temperatures by 20º – 30º in low-medium humidity areas like yours. Add the breeze of a fan and you could feel cooler, still.

wet-rated fans mounted to structure supports cool an outdoor gathering
Outdoor fans plus a shade structure


Look for products specifically designed for outdoor or indoor/outdoor use because these are built with durability and safety features to handle exposure to outdoor elements. Appliances such as fans, swamp coolers, and air conditioners will proudly say they are for outdoor use. Since misting systems and misting fans are only for outdoor use, they may not state that claim specifically.

The following suggestions are available on Amazon and most are under $300 (a few exceptions).

This list contains affiliate links. Once in a while, we earn commissions from those links and you never pay a higher price for that. We only recommend products we like, with or without commissions.

I’ll update suggestions from time to time with new products and suppliers.

Patio Umbrellas

Highly-rated brands to consider are Blissun, Bluu, and Midtown Umbrellas.

Blissun 9′ Patio Umbrella w/ Push Button Tilt & Crank This classic 9-foot diameter patio umbrella shades 2, 4, or 6 chair table sets or a couple of lounge chairs. It’s covered in waterproof polyester fabric which is UV resistant, meaning its wide variety of colors and patterns will maintain their color and vibrancy longer than some other fabrics. It has a vent panel at the top, allowing cooling breezes to pass through and minimizes possible damage from heavier winds.

Made of a combination of lightweight aluminum and powder-coated iron, the structure is durable and rust-resistant. It has a simple to use open and close crank as well as a tilt function that lets you easily angle the umbrella to move as the sun shifts.

You can find many umbrella sizes, colors, shapes, and accessories at the

Bluu’s “Banyan” 10-foot Cantilever Umbrella adds design flexibility at a great price. Instead of centering the umbrella over the pole, cantilever and offset umbrellas set the pole off to the side, letting the umbrella hang or “float” away from it. This gives you lots of flexibility and makes it much easier to move around under it.

These umbrellas don’t go up through the center of your table, but can be positioned to the side of it. They don’t go up through the center of your seating area, but can be positioned behind a sofa or chairs.

Bluu umbrella solution-dyed fabrics are 240G recycled material available in classic colors. They have a waterproof coating, provide over 80% UV protection guaranteed, and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Large, heavy duty bases are critical for these kinds of umbrellas since the design is naturally offset, making the umbrella more easily off-balance. Bluu recommends a 250-lb weight, like the C-hopetree 4-piece base, mentioned below under Umbrella Bases. Or you can use bricks, sandbags, or attach the umbrella to your deck with nails or screws.

The frame is made of sturdy iron that’s powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. I find their tilt mechanism easier to use than some others.

This umbrellas includes a 1-year warranty on the entire umbrella and a 2-year warranty against color fading of the fabric, plus 24/7 customer service. Theses umbrellas have optional protective storage covers, optional 2-tier style with a large vent to maximize stability, and optional solar powered LED lights that add a charming atmosphere for 4-6 hours on a full charge.

Also check out their new Center Pole Patio Umbrella with Remote Control to control the opening and closing of multiple umbrellas from up to 65 feet / 20 meters away. It has its own umbrella base options and comes in 4 classic colors with a 5-year warranty against fabric fading.

Learn more at the Bluu Store at Amazon.

For excellent quality and customer service, check out Midtown Umbrellas store at Amazon. The company is new and is on a mission to provide high quality in every way. Consider their 9-foot umbrellas, available in dozens of colors.

Midtown Umbrella’s “The Lean” 9-foot umbrella is their value style, which has a 10-year warranty on the frame and the fabric and a generous return policy. The frame and robust 2.5 mm thick shaft are made of lightweight, rust proof aluminum that’s powder coated for extra protection. The crank and tilt mechanisms are made of zinc-alloy – lighter, stronger, and more durable than most tilt umbrellas. And they offer bases and covers specific to their umbrellas so you can be sure of highest quality and compatibility.

They offer higher end umbrella styles with fiberglass and wooden structures as well as Sunbrella’s world-renowned durable and fade-resistant outdoor fabrics. Hopefully their cantilever umbrellas and pergolas will soon be available at Amazon, too.

Learn more at the Midtown Umbrella Store at Amazon.

About Umbrella Bases

Not all umbrellas come with their own bases or “stands.” If yours does not, you have many options to consider.

Umbrella bases need to be heavy to minimize umbrellas being blown around by winds. Weights typically start about 20 lbs. and go up to 200 lbs. or more. Larger umbrellas and freestanding umbrellas that don’t go through the center support hole of a table need the larger, heavier bases.

Some umbrellas, including cantilever or offset umbrellas may come with their own crossbar base that is typically not heavy enough to hold the umbrella steady in wind gusts. Look for 4-piece bases that sit over those crossbars, or one-piece bases that an umbrella pole can fit into.

For umbrellas without their own base, look for bases that connect securely to the umbrella’s post – usually with a screw-type connection.

If you want to move your umbrella, look for bases with wheels or bases that can be filled and emptied with water, sand, or gravel.

Look for bases that work with the ground where you use your umbrella. For example, uses bases that don’t rust if you’re using it on a patio or surface that can be damaged by rust. Use a base with wheels if you need to move your umbrella around.

Stakes can be a great option if you set up your umbrella in the lawn or dirt at your home.

Some public areas don’t allow stakes to anchor umbrellas, and heavy bases can be a headache to cart around. Fillable bases and sandbags are a great solution because you can use the sand or dirt from the park or beach, and remove it before you leave.

If you want your umbrella in a permanent location, you can nail or screw it to your deck, or consider an in-ground base.

Umbrella Bases

About Umbrella Bases

The C-hopetree 4-piece base, comes in 4 locking pieces, so it can be used for cantilever and other umbrellas that already have a lightweight crossbar base, as well as center post umbrellas.

It is fillable, making it more portable because you move the pieces while they are empty. It’s available in 4 sizes ranging from 194lb for smaller umbrellas, 256lb, which Blue recommends for its cantilever umbrellas, up to 317lb and 356lb for larger umbrellas and more stability. Filling with sand will give these the maximum weight. Filling with water will weigh a bit less, but can be more convenient. Either way, 4 smaller pieces are a lot easier to move than one big one. And you can empty them before moving or storing.

The pieces are made of high-density black plastic so have a simple, functional look. Each piece measures about 18″ by 19″, so the entire base is large. This is likely too large to fit under a small bistro table, but ample for most other uses. C-hopetree has a range of umbrella basses and offers their own line of umbrellas. You can find them all that the C-hopetree Store at Amazon.

This Fillable Umbrella Base with Locking Wheels by maple99 is a good wheeled base to consider. It’s made of rust-resistant durable black plastic in a sleek design. It fits 6-12-foot umbrellas that have poles ranging from 1.5″ to 1.9.” It secures them with two screw-type tightening knobs that ensure stability. When filled with 37 liters of water, it weighs 82 lbs; when filled with sand, it weighs 123 lbs., so you have that option based on convenience and how much stability you need.

AMMSUN Grass & Sand Umbrella anchor This anchor is made of steel and installs by simply stomping on the brackets. There are two sized pole fittings plus and screw-type attachment, so it fits most pole sizes securely. It’s suitable for lawns and soil.

AMMSUN’s Beach Umbrella Sand Anchors are specifically for shifting beach sand. 15 inches deep, they twist down into the sand and can withstand gusts up to 50 MPH. Fits pole diameters of 1.5 inches or less and is secured with a thumbscrew.

You can find these and other clever products to keep you cool and shaded on the go at the Ammsun Store at Amazon.

Travel / Beach Umbrellas & Canopies

Most public areas have size limitations on your shade structures and may have restrictions on how you anchor them. Contact your park or beach for details. The following suggestions are suitable for many public areas.

AMMSUN’S 6.5-ft Telescoping Travel Umbrella with a built-in sand anchor has a two-part pole that allows the umbrella to fit inside its own shoulder bag that’s just over 29″ / 79 cm long. Some durability was sacrificed to keep it lightweight and portable. It has an attached sand anchor so there are no extra parts to think about. It has an extra large air flow vent – perfect for handling moderate wind gusts, although bringing a fillable sandbag would make it even steadier. It even has a tilt mechanism to block the sun’s rays as the day goes on.

It’s sized for 1-2 people. After anchored, it’s height is best for sitting or reclining under. Like most portables and popups, it offers minimal UV protection, so wear your sunscreen.

You can find this and other helpful products at Ammsun’s Store at Amazon.

Ashton at the Beach Canopy/Umbrella 8ft w/ Air Vents, Removable Mat, Stakes, Bag.

About Freestanding Structures

There is a dizzying variety of shade structures. You can learn a bit about those structures here and learn about some shade materials here. With shade as this profile’s go-to solution, consider them all!

Like umbrellas, freestanding structures need to be well anchored so they don’t get blown around or knocked down. Portable and temporary structures can use weights and sandbags so they aren’t damaged or cause any harm. Permanent structures need to be drilled into wooden decks or attached with corrosion-resistant wood or metal footings into soil or hard surfaces like concrete.

There may be building codes in your area to consider, too. For example, in my area, permanent structures must be set back a minimum of 5 feet from the property boundary or the city can force its removal. Also, if certain kinds of patio covers are attached to a building, it’s taxed as part of that building. So, contact your local government to avoid any surprises.

Also learn about shade planning and how to do a shade assessment if you are going to install a permanent structure to be sure you’ll have shade where you need it when you need it.

Freestanding Structures

Crown Shades 10×10 Pop up Canopy, Patented One Push w/ Wheeled Carry Bag [4.6/6600* #1 seller 11/2023 CROWN SHADES SunWall Silver Coated for 10×10 Popup 1 Pack 4.8/90* AmCh11/2023

MASTERCANOPY 8 x 5 Grill Gazebo with 2 LED Lights 4.3/2,900*

ABCCANOPY Gazebo Tent Sand Bags, 4pcs-Pack come in a set of 4 that can be used to support a gazebo / canopy or umbrella

Wall-mounted Shade

VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Window Door Awning #1 seller 11/2023

Vertical Shade (walls)

&97 138″ x 71″ Retractable Side Awning,[wall] Waterproof & UV-Resistant, 4.4/500* AmCh11/2023

Portable power stations are also called backup batteries. Unlike generators that run on gasoline and can be noisy and smelly, batteries and portable power stations can be recharged by plugging in to a wall outlet, car charger, or solar panels.

The ALLWEI Portable Power Station 300W(Peak 600W) – Amazon’s Choice 11/2023. This can be recharged in many ways such as a AC wall outlet or car charger in 5.5-6.5 hours, or with a compatible solar panel like the ALLWEI 100W/18V Portable Solar Panel for 300/500 Power Stations – Amazon’s Choice 11/2023 in about 3-4 hours of full sunlight. Protects your devices, like evaporative coolers with a flashing LCD alert signal and is ETL certified to meet established manufacturing safety standards. Can be recharged from empty to full more than 1500 times. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

CONSIDER THIS: the Hessaire swamp cooler uses 85 watts. The Geek Aire misting fan uses 180 watts. The Allwei 300 can power both of these at the same time – totaling 265 watts. Keeping 10 – 20% under the maximum seems to give the system some helpful “breathing room.”

Allwei power stations have a pass through function allowing you to run your swamp cooler or other cooling solution while you are recharging the solar panels so you can run and recharge during the hottest part of the day. Or use a wall outlet or car charger to recharge the station when the sun is not so high.

Powering multiple cooling solutions or devices may need a more powerful power station. Allwei makes power stations and solar panels sold individually or in bundles that can handle up to 4,000 watts. Max. charging power for different brands of these kinds of units is in the 4-5,000 watt range. The

Learn how water pressure affects how much cooler you’ll feel.

Extrememist chose a smaller low-pressure pump for its portability and lower cost. Higher pressure pumps that create finer, dryer, cooler mists are larger, heavier, and more expensive, and require more expensive components.

This Extrememist system draws water from any kind of container you supply – a bottle, bucket, drink cooler, etc. You can chill the water for a greater cooling effect. All misting system nozzles clog easily, so use only distilled or filtered / purified water.

If a nozzle clogs in this system, remove it, soak it in white vinegar or a calcium & lime remover like Plumbers Tape” rel=”nofollow sponsored” title=”plumbers tape”>plumbers tape around it can ensure it doesn’t leak when replaced. This system offers replacement nozzles in case a nozzle can’t be cleared. Many lower cost misting units and system use non-removable nozzles – there is little you can do to fix those.

Extrememist says that on the highest setting, this misting system will use about 1 gallon of water per hour.

It includes a 6600mAh 3.7V battery pack and a micro USB wall charger. According to Extrememist, after a full charge the battery will run for about 16 hours on the lowest power and 6 hours on the highest power.

Portable Misting Fan

Learn about airflow and outdoor fans.

It’s powered by a waterproof 15,000 mAh (1.5 volts) battery that charges in 2-3 hours. Geek Aire says a fully charged battery will give you 3-23 hours with the fan only (great for more humid days, mornings, or evenings) or 1.5-2 hours with mist alone. Fan plus mist will give you up to 1 hour of excellent cooling. The backup batteries are sometimes sold out, so check the Geek Aire store at Amazon.

These are enclosed units that use evaporation and fans to cool outdoor areas. A few 1-5 gallon jugs to fill the water tank are the only water that’s needed for hours of cooling. You can add ice to the tank to reduce the temperature a bit more. The Hessaire coolers listed below also have built-in hose adapters for a continuous water supply option.

They require a source of electricity, and since their energy use is low, portable power stations or 12-volt car chargers can make these a good cooling solution for many outdoor spaces. In fact, both Hessaire coolers listed below can be powered by a 300 watt power station, such as the ALLWEI listed above.

Cools up to 500 square feet

Hessaire 1300 CFM MC18M Replacement Pad” rel=”nofollow sponsored” title=”Replacement pad for the Hessaire MC18M”>Replacement pad for the Hessaire MC18M -about $32. Low odor, low static, OEM Xel50 corrugated 19″ x 17″.
Cools up to 950 square feet

HESSAIRE MC37M 3,100 CFM Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Air Cooler with 3-Speed Fan. Can effectively cool up to 950 sq. ft. in partially enclosed areas and generous spot cooling in fully open areas. The 10.3 gallon tank provides 3-4 hours of cooling and can be filled manually or by garden hose with its built-in adapter. HOW MANY DB? 250 watts – can be powered by a 300-watt power station. Gray.
Cover for Hessaire MC37M/MC37V Black high density 600D polyester oxford fabric, waterproof, dust proof; drawstring closure. Adjustable strap with buckles.

3 fan speeds, oscillating air vents, and an 8-hour timer, and oscillating air vents that disburse cool air over a wider area. Includes heavy-duty wheels and a convenient carrying handle for smooth transportation.

Can be a little loud when the fan is on high.
Does not have an automatic water sensor so you must keep an eye on the water level window.

Since humidity is lowest during the hottest times of day (late morning through late afternoon), the evaporative feature is effective throughout the United States, Australia, The Middle East and areas with similar climates. In mornings and evenings and in more humid climates, the fan-only feature can create a cooling wind chill effect. Then you can add the evaporation as the humidity drops.

Also consider units such as the ——————— with openings on 3 sides, or the —————————- with automatic water level sensor.

Amacool 40000mAh Rechargeable Battery Operated Outdoor Fan with Light & Remote, 4-Speed Auto-Oscillating 12″ fan. Smaller, personal sized versions are available from Amacool and other sellers.

Floor Fans

iLiving 12″ Rechargeable Battery Operated Outdoor Floor Fan 5830 CFM, which is more than enough for a 10 x 10 x cubic foot area (about the size of a typical popup tent) using only 13 watts. Has a built-in 22.2 volt lithium-ion battery that includes a USB charging port for your cell phone. The battery will last 6-40 hours on a full charge, depending on fan setting. It has a safety rating of IPx4, making it safe around splashing water. Durable metal construction. 58dB.

The iLiving Floor Fan is also available in a rechargeable 18″ size using 16 watts with its battery lasting 4-30 hours on a full charge.

Features for both sizes
Battery level indicator, folding stand, tilt head.

The effectiveness of any true air conditioner (those that use a compressor and refrigerant) depends largely on how well insulated and enclosed your outdoor area is. Sheds, recreation vehicles, and garages are likely to be better insulated than patios, vans, or tents, but you can add insulation to many of these areas. There are a number of materials you can use to line walls, windows, overhangs, and even floors that can make a dramatic difference in the cooling effect of portable air conditioners.

Unlike most of my suggestions, these particular suggestions are not rated for outdoor use – they must be placed inside the area being cooled and protected with a solid overhang / ceiling, a dry floor, and at least a couple of walls to keep the units from getting wet, dusty, or dirty to protect the electrical components. Again, the more enclosed, the more effective and less expensive they will be to operate. Placing them inside means the mechanics are inside, too, meaning they will seem rather noisy. But that can be an important trade-off if you need this kind of cooling.

Be sure to use the air conditioner’s supplied hose(s) to vent the hot and humid exhaust air away from the area being cooled. Set your unit at a moderate temperature and keep that temperature consistent. Also, clean or replace the air filter regularly.

Portable AC and Environmental Standards

AC for room-sized areas

AC for small areas and spot cooling