BLISSUN 9′ Market Umbrella w/ Crank Open and Push Button Tilt

This classic 9-foot diameter patio umbrella shades 2 or 4 chair table sets or a couple of lounge chairs. It’s covered in waterproof polyester fabric which is UV resistant, meaning its wide variety of colors and patterns will maintain their color and vibrancy longer than some other fabrics. It has a vent panel at the top, allowing cooling breezes to pass through and minimizes possible damage from heavier winds.

Made of a combination of lightweight aluminum and powder-coated iron, the structure is durable and rust-resistant. It has a simple to use open and close crank and a push button tilt function that lets you easily angle the umbrella to move as the sun shifts.

This umbrella needs a base to hold it upright and keep it from being knocked over.
Consider Blissun’s own 22 lb. Umbrella Stand in Black Resin.



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  • Add the cooling breeze from an outdoor fan. This is good for all climates. All you need is a battery, power station, or access to an electrical outlet.
  • Add a misting system with flexible tubing along this umbrella’s edge. This is great for humidity levels under 60- 80%. Needs access to electricity and water.

Additional information


good for all humidity levels


does not need access to water


does not need access to electricity

cools this size area

64 square feet (6 square meters)