EXTREMEMIST Portable Misting System, 4-nozzle

A complete system and great value in a portable container with a 170 psi (18.6 bar) pump – better cooling than lower pressure systems, nozzles, lines, connectors, rechargeable power bank, and micro USB charger. Comes with an 8-speed remote that can work from up to 30 feet away.

Everything you need to cool off except the water!

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  • You supply the water in any container, including the kit’s container or any clean bottle, tank, or jug you have. Always use clean water (distilled / filtered water is best) with any misting system because the nozzles clog very easily and the smallest minerals can make your system useless.
    • Uses 1/2 gallon per hour on average, or about 1 gallon per hour at the highest setting


  • Unlike many other lower end systems, these nozzles can be removed to be cleaned by tapping to remove a clog, or by soaking in white vinegar or CLR. Extra nozzles are provided.
    • Anti-drip construction
    • Swivel to direct spray where you need it
    • Removable for cleaning
    • Ceramic components in nickel-brass housings don’t corrode the way metal components can

The Pump:

  • Extrememist chose a low-pressure pump for its portability and lower cost. Higher pressure pumps that create finer, dryer, cooler mists are larger, heavier, less portable, and more expensive, so this choice makes sense for a portable unit. You can expect to get wet from any low-pressure misting system – to lower the water pressure, the wetter you’ll get and the less cooling you’ll get. But this 170 psi pump can product finer droplets than many other low pressure systems, keeping you cooler and drier.
    • Can be plugged into an outlet or it can last 5-12 hours from one battery charge, depending on the speed you select.

Tubing and Mounts:

  • Comes with 16 feet of flexible tubing. That’s enough to line the edge of a 9 foot umbrella, the edge of a patio cover or awning, almost two full sides of a 10 foot by 10 foot canopy, a cart, or even along the top of a fence. The mounts are reusable and can be easily repositioned.
    • 16 feet (4.9 m) of flexible tubing
    • Reusable mounts can be repositioned again and again


  • 6600mAh 3.7V. Max wattage is 15W.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is responsive if you need any assistance or replacement parts. Also, there are helpful videos on Amazon about setting up and maintaining this system.



Look for other affordable misting solutions at the Extrememist Store at Amazon.


Additional information


best in climates under 60% humidity


uses any water container you supply. Use only distilled or filtered water to minimize clogs from minerals.


comes with it's own battery pack – 6600mAh 3.7V. Max wattage is 15W. Or you can plug the pump into a standard residential outlet.

cools this size area

≥ 100 square feet (9.3 square meters)